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Red Ginseng Extract Gold

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Dong Shin Red-Ginseng Extract Gold (Red-Ginseng 100%)

(weight : 50g/ ingredient of red-ginseng : over 75mg/g, solid matter : over 70%)

(root module of red-ginseng : 70%, fine root of red-ginseng : 30%)


As a functional health food approved by the Korea Food and Drug Administration,

DONGSHIN Red-Ginseng Extract have been produced by the modern producing facility

of GMP system under the strict control of quality, using 6-year-old Korea ginseng

as raw material.


Characteristic of Dong Shin Red-Ginseng :

- Manufactured by pure Korea ginseng that grown on the right site of cultivation.

- Producing high quality of products by the modernized system approved by the KFDA,

in accordance with the standard of GMP.

- Controlled according to the standard of quality management ISO 9001 : 2000.


Manufacturing process :

6-year-old fresh Korean ginseng → Steaming and Drying → Red-ginseng

→ Decocting with care and Concentrating → Extracting available element(saponin)

→ Concentrating → DONGSHIN Red-Ginsing Extract

==> Unique flavor and taste, You can enjoy it conveniently.


Efficacy :

Rejuvenation , Nourishment and Improve immunity

Anti-aging , Anti-fatigue , Relieve stress , Improve blood circulation / hypertension /

diabetes / resolvability of fat , Promote absorbtion of nutrient/digestion


Target customers :

People who are under a lot of stress/ need to improve immunity and the recovery of

physical strength/ want to regain a vigorous life

Patient of adult disease , Adults in climacterium.


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